Shiny Magikarp Chaining In Pokemon GO Could Be Possible, According To New Research

Shiny Magikarp Chaining In Pokemon GO

Shiny Magikarp is quite possibly one of the rarest Pokemon in the game, but according to some new research, shiny Magikarp chaining in Pokemon GO might be a reality. If this is true, it would mean that there is a way to increase your chances of finding, encountering, and catching, a shiny Magikarp.

For those unaware; shiny chaining is a technique that’s used in the main Pokemon games to increase the shiny encounter rate. In these games, if you repeatedly encounter the same Pokemon (without encountering anything else), your chances of that Pokemon appearing as a shiny Pokemon are increased dramatically.

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In Pokemon Pearl & Diamond, once your chain reached 40 (40 of the same Pokemon encountered in a row!), your chances of encountering a shiny Pokemon skyrocketed to 1 in 200. Without shiny chaining, the default probability of encountering a shiny Pokemon is 1 in 8192.

Now that we’ve covered how chaining works in the main Pokemon games, let’s take a look at how it was performed in this new research. Reddit user “the_rabble_alliance” used the shiny chaining method of the main Pokemon games, and chained only Magikarp. Out of 111 total Magikarp caught/encountered, a whopping 4 were shiny.

Shiny Magikarp Chaining In Pokemon GO
Source: Pokemon, Fair Use

“the_rabble_alliancegive” had this to say:As for technique, I only caught Magikarp, but once I caught a shiny, I would then catch another Pokemon to reset the chain. (To be honest, I am not sure this was necessary but it seemed like a good idea to me.)

Of course, there is an important caveat in that this was my own personal experience which may have been a statistical fluke rather than evidence that chaining exists in Pokemon Go. Other players in water biomes would need to repeat my experiment to see if this technique actually works.

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On the surface, it certainly does look like shiny Magikarp chaining in Pokemon GO could be a legitimate method of improving your odds of encountering a shiny Magikarp. However, more research is absolutely required before anybody jumps to any conclusions.

But what do you think? Do you think shiny Magikarp chaining in Pokemon GO is possible? Or do you think the data we’ve seen is a result of extremely good luck? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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  1. My local large nest is magicarp currently, so went to try. Caught nothing but magicarp and walked past everything else. 114 magicarp later. No shiny.. 🙁 not ruling it out though guys. Keep trying.

  2. How many did you catch before your 1st? Im on an 18 streak as of right now and had a tentacool hatch during the streak so hopefully it doesnt interfere.

  3. Yes it also worked for me. During water event I caught only Magikarp and got one shiny. Few days Later after the event I got another.

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