How Rare Are The New Special Items In Pokemon GO? These Researchers Figured It All Out!

Special Items In Pokemon GO

It’s now been a full week since the Gen 2 update rolled out in Pokemon GO, and in that time we’ve learned quite a few things. We learned how to evolve Eevee into Espeon or Umbreon, how to evolve Tyrogue into Hitmontop, and also where Heracross and Corsola spawned. But what a lot of players have been left wondering is; how rare are the new special items in Pokemon GO?

The special items in Pokemon GO that I’m referring to are, of course, the evolution items; special items that are needed in addition to the standard candy requirement to evolve certain Pokemon. They’re obtained from Poke Stops, and as most players can attest to, they’re incredibly rare. But, just how rare are they? That’s what some trainers have set out to discover.

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And, it seems like they might have found the answer. Researchers from Pokemon GO Hub have collected over 20,000 items from Poke Stops, and they’ve kindly shared their findings to the rest of the world. Beware: once you see just how rare these items are, you might not want to play the game anymore!

First of all, they found that out of 23,701 item drops, only 33 were evolution items. This means that from any given Poke Stop spin, assuming you acquire three items, you have around a 0.4% chance of obtaining an evolution item. To put that in perspective, on average, you’ll have to spin 250 Poke Stops before you acquire a single evolution item!

Special Items In Pokemon GO
Pictured: Me after realizing how rare the evolution items are.

The researchers from Pokemon GO Hub even went a step further, and analysed the drop rates for the individual evolution items. You’d think that, since King’s Rock, Sun Stone, and Metal Coat are each used on two Pokemon, that they would be more common than Up-Grade and Dragon Scale, which are only used on one Pokemon each, right? Think again.

The most common evolution item is Metal Coat, with a drop rate of 0.04% (9/23,701). Next in line is Sun Stone, with a drop rate of 0.03% (8/23,701). Up next is a tie between King’s Rock and Up-Grade, with a drop rate of 0.03% (6/23,701). And, finally, we’ve got Dragon Scale, with a drop rate of 0.02% (4/23,701).

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So there you have it, now we know exactly how rare the special items in Pokemon GO are. If you want to take a look at all of the item drop data, you can find it on the Pokemon GO Hub website, or by clicking here. While you’re over there, introduce yourself and offer to lend a hand. The more people researching and discovering things the better!

But what do you think about the evolution item drop rate? Do you think it’s too low? Or do you think they should be rare considering the awesome power they hold within? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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