How Rare Are The New Special Items In Pokemon GO? These Researchers Figured It All Out!

Special Items In Pokemon GO

It’s now been a full week since the Gen 2 update rolled out in Pokemon GO, and in that time we’ve learned quite a few things. We learned how to evolve Eevee into Espeon or Umbreon, how to evolve Tyrogue into Hitmontop, and also where Heracross and Corsola spawned. But what a lot of players have been left wondering is; how rare are the new special items in Pokemon GO?

The special items in Pokemon GO that I’m referring to are, of course, the evolution items; special items that are needed in addition to the standard candy requirement to evolve certain Pokemon. They’re obtained from Poke Stops, and as most players can attest to, they’re incredibly rare. But, just how rare are they? That’s what some trainers have set out to discover.

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And, it seems like they might have found the answer. Researchers from Pokemon GO Hub have collected over 20,000 items from Poke Stops, and they’ve kindly shared their findings to the rest of the world. Beware: once you see just how rare these items are, you might not want to play the game anymore!

First of all, they found that out of 23,701 item drops, only 33 were evolution items. This means that from any given Poke Stop spin, assuming you acquire three items, you have around a 0.4% chance of obtaining an evolution item. To put that in perspective, on average, you’ll have to spin 250 Poke Stops before you acquire a single evolution item!

Special Items In Pokemon GO
Pictured: Me after realizing how rare the evolution items are.

The researchers from Pokemon GO Hub even went a step further, and analysed the drop rates for the individual evolution items. You’d think that, since King’s Rock, Sun Stone, and Metal Coat are each used on two Pokemon, that they would be more common than Up-Grade and Dragon Scale, which are only used on one Pokemon each, right? Think again.

The most common evolution item is Metal Coat, with a drop rate of 0.04% (9/23,701). Next in line is Sun Stone, with a drop rate of 0.03% (8/23,701). Up next is a tie between King’s Rock and Up-Grade, with a drop rate of 0.03% (6/23,701). And, finally, we’ve got Dragon Scale, with a drop rate of 0.02% (4/23,701).

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So there you have it, now we know exactly how rare the special items in Pokemon GO are. If you want to take a look at all of the item drop data, you can find it on the Pokemon GO Hub website, or by clicking here. While you’re over there, introduce yourself and offer to lend a hand. The more people researching and discovering things the better!

But what do you think about the evolution item drop rate? Do you think it’s too low? Or do you think they should be rare considering the awesome power they hold within? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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  1. Here’s my update: I got a sun stone today (7th day catch and 7th streak synced up). Charmander is still my buddy. I do not know if this has anything to do with the latest update but I will definetely keep my streaks synced up!

  2. I have synchronised my 7th day catch and 7th day streak (in that order) and I got a dragonscale today (my buddy is charmander). So maybe that’s worth a try… I will update next week if I got another special item…

  3. My desk at work has three pokestops closeby and at least 50% of the day-guess when the GPS gets confused, I can spin all three, every 5 minutes. I have a Plus so I would click on the plus every time it vibrated, every 5 minutes, 9 hours total a day. I picked up an Up-Grade after four days. I actually have had more luck going through downtown Houston and driving around about 30 minutes a day. I have all of the items now but I agree – they are extremely rare.

  4. Just spinning all the pokestops on the the way to work and back home. Got all five evolution item without noticing!, but haven’t evolve any yet. Still waiting for a higher CP to evolve.

  5. People need to stop moaning, if you had all the evolution items already you would have no incentive to play. Feels more rewarding when you get a very rare item. I’ve only had one sun stone and an Upgrade and I’ve been playing every day spinning at least 50 stops a day and I’m not complaining, just looking forward to getting my next one 🙂

  6. Im most disapointed a friend of mine workswhere theres a pokestop so spins mainly that one she has ten special items i on the other hand walk miles spinning lots of stops and get nothing. I thought pokemon go was meant to get people out and active not just stay in one place. Im very disapointed in these new items!!!! Come on sort it out

  7. I got the item for Seadrea and a metal coat during the 2 first weeks, and have seen nothing since, which is way too rare!

  8. I have gotten 3 Dragon Scales and 1 Upgrade since they started coming out. Really?? They couldn’t have dropped something else on me besides to two extra Dragon Scales? Wish I could trade this with someone…

  9. I believe the percentage rate of the drop should be more in line with the potential of the Pokemon that will evolve from the item. The stronger the evolved Pokemon, the more rare the evolution item should be. This being said, the drop rate seems to be only a percentage when the Poke Stop is spun rather than an amount based upon the number of stops spun. If you have some luck, you might be able to get all of the items in a short time. Otherwise, it will take substantial spinning like I and many others have done. Good Luck

  10. I Just completed the evolution of all the 8 pokemons that require special itens.
    Still … some other elusive pokemon are still missing in my pokedex even after hundreds of hours played since the launch of 2nd generation …
    Any tips on how to get 225 (Delibird), 235 (Smeargle), 236 (Tyrogue), 243 (Raikou), 244 (Entei), 245 (Suicune). Até they in the game? Isso algo miss 175 (Togepi), 176 (Togetic), 181 (Ampharos), 214 (Heracross), 237 (Hitmontop) and 248 (Tyranitar) but those I have seen already in the game. Any tips about their respective more likely wheresbouts?

  11. I got one Kings rock when the update was released, and then one Dragon Scale in my first 7 day streak after that. Then there was two weeks with a lot of pokestop spinning, but no special items for like two weeks. Not even on my 7 day streaks. But now i suddenly got two more special items today, in just around 50 spins!

  12. All y’all bitching about the drop rates like please ive already collected 3 kings rock and 2 metal coats the only thing that i cant fucking get is sun stun like niantic knows i have enough candy to get sunflora and they personally wanna screw me

  13. Pokemon suxs. How r u supposed to catch them all if u have ones that r in different regions and it’s so hard to get the special items to evolve them and I’ve been to a lot of different areas and states and still keep getting the same pokemon and 10 eggs oh lord I’ve had 86 10k eggs and not a single lapras.its just a way for people to spend money and get nothing in return i mean they make the good pokemon so rare u can’t even evolve them if u don’t have enough candy’s and since it’s hard to find them u can’t complete the pokedex I’m so done with this game until they even the playing field.

  14. I think that the special items should be based off of the amount of poke stops you spin. I think that people who have not put in the leg work do not deserve to just get one compared to some one who has put the leg work in. I think after you have hit like 10000 poke stops it should open it up for you to have a better chance and it should get easier based off of tiers of poke stops. 20000, 30000, and so on.

  15. would be better if the new special item evolutions are actually better than the original… but politoad, bellossom and slowking are not stronger then poliwrath, vileplume or slowbro… waiting for a very rare item and using the same amount of candy for something not stronger is just stupid! I do like the items for steelix, scizor and kingdra.

  16. Too much of this game is based on luck and location,no real reward for time and effort, thats what puts so many people off, the items should be awarded after x number of pokestop visits and the random aspect should remain as the item you receive
    At least then younwill have something to aim for rathher than just comstant disappointment

  17. I like that they are rare, ive hit around 300 pokestops since update. Got 1 sun burst item. My wife has received nothing. A friend of mine that doesnt play as much already has not 1, but 2 dragon scales!
    What i want to know is whether it is worth holding on to these extra items for trade value if a future update will allow players to trade certain Pokémon and items?

  18. So people this data is just a scale and like most things in games this is controlled by RNG (random number generator) and so of course this will be different for everyone

  19. Add this to your research myself and 50-plus people have been spinning pokestops Non-Stop for the whole week it is now been 3500 spins and not one single item for any of us

  20. After many, many spins I have absolutely nothing. I’ve nearly convinced myself that they don’t even exist. It is almost enough to make me want to stop playing.

  21. Ive spun probably 500 or so poestops and not a single special item, but yet my husband who has only spun maybe 100 has 3 special items… I don’t get it

  22. 2 x sunstone in first week of gen2 within 250 spins, none on 7 day streak.
    Nothing in the following 250 spins.
    I guess this is going to take a while…

  23. I’m a casual player and have picked up Dragon Scale, Sun Stone & Metsl coat in that order throughout the week. Sure they’re rare – but are they THAT rare or have I just been lucky?

  24. Got a metal coat to evolve to scizor but it was a lousy 200cp more than scyther. I had to spin about 175 pokestops for that. Hardly seems worth it.

  25. Guess I’m really lucky because I have obtain all five evolution items. Porygon 2, Scizor, Slowking, and Steelix are now included into the pokedex. Don’t have enough candies to use dragon scale nor the two sun stones in my inventory. I’m willing to show proof to back my statement.

  26. The problem is the ones that need an evolution item arent even big ticket pokemon so why make the evolution items so hard to aquire. We dont even see porygon enough to get a good iv to evolve him. Scizor, steelix and slowking are the only three that are somewhat major but they still arent super great gym defenders.

  27. i had noticed i have a dragon scale…might have gotten when leveled up to 32 or from one of the 7 day stop…do not like that they are that rare…but, don’t want everything easy either….

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