3 Tips To Help You Take Advantage Of The Pokemon GO Valentine’s Day Event Before It’s Over

Take Advantage Of The Pokemon GO Valentine's Day Event

The Pokemon GO Valentine’s Day event is roughly 2 days away from ending, so if you haven’t gone out into the wild and caught yourself a Porygon, a Chansey, some Clefables, and enough Exeggcutes to build an entire army of Exeggutor, then you need to get to work!

Those aren’t the only things you need to be doing during this event, though. We know a full Gen 2 release is (probably) just around the corner, so there are a few things we should be doing now, during the Valentine’s Day event, in order to be fully prepared for when those new Pokemon are released. Here are 3 tips to help you take advantage of the Pokemon GO Valentine’s Day event before it’s over:

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Tip #1: Catch as many Chanseys/Porygons/Slowpokes as you possibly can. Why? Because they get an evolution once Gen 2 is released (a second evolution in Slowpoke’s case.) Not only are their spawn rates increased during the event, but you’ll also get double candy from any catch/transfer you make.

This means that it’s going to be much easier to get to the 50 or 100 candy needed for evolution during the event rather than trying to do it at a later date! (Then again, code was found in a previous update that hinted at new ways to evolve Pokemon, so there’s a chance candy might not be as important in the future.)

Take Advantage Of The Pokemon GO Valentine's Day Event
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Tip #2: Transfer most of your Pokemon before the event ends! Remember, we’ve got double candy for transfers for the next 2 days, so if you’ve got a whole inventory of Pokemon that you’re not saving to evolve or for a specific reason, transfer them during the event for the additional candy!

This can be doubly effective if you’ve got a bunch of Pidgeys saved up, since you’ll be able to transfer some of them, and with the additional candy you’ll be able to evolve more than you otherwise could have, which will result in more EXP gained!

Tip #3: Catch as many Pokemon with Gen 2 evolutions as possible. Not only should you be focusing on the event Pokemon, you should make an attempt to catch all of the other Pokemon who get an evolution with the release of Gen 2 as well.

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The extra candy for catching and transferring these Pokemon will come in handy when Gen 2 finally rolls around. You can find a full list of Gen 2 evolutions here.

And the final tip is… Have fun! There’s no point playing the game if it feels like a chore, so don’t force yourself to hoard Chanseys unless it’s enjoyable for you. After all, you’re not going to stick around and keep playing the game if it becomes a negative, boring experience!

But what do you think of these tips? Is there anything else you think trainers should be doing to make the most of the event while it lasts? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below!


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