Legendary Pokémon, Trading, And Pokémon Centers Have Been CONFIRMED, Coming To Pokémon GO

pokemon go trading confirmed

Niantic, the company that’s responsible for Pokémon GO, has earned itself quite a bad reputation over the last few weeks for not being very good at communicating with their players.

Their reputation might be about to change, however, after the CEO John Hanke sat down with players and press at the Pokémon GO panel at the San Diego Comic-Con.

Hanke proceeded to drop bombshell after bombshell, letting loose with a flurry of announcements about the future of the game. Here’s a list of what was confirmed at the panel:

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Eevee Naming Trick: CONFIRMED

After mentioning that there were still easter eggs in the game that players hadn’t yet found, Hanke confirmed that the Eevee naming theory was, in fact, correct. If you name your Eevee “Rainer”, it will evolve into a Vaporeon. If you name your Eevee “Pyro”, it will evolve into a Flareon. And if you name your Eevee “Sparky”, it will evolve into a Jolteon.

Legendary Pokémon: CONFIRMED

There was a rumor going around before the Pokémon GO panel began that a legendary Pokémon might spawn in the area. Well obviously that never happened (duh), but Hanke did confirm that the legendary Pokémon would be coming to the game. Once the game is released in all of the target Countries, and after the bugs have been ironed out, we’re going to be able to catch a Mewtwo!



After a fan mentioned that the ability to have Pokémon breed would be a cool feature, Hanke told the audience that it wasn’t currently a game mechanic being worked on at the moment. It might be coming somewhere down the line, but for now, there will be no breeding.

Three Steps Glitch: ACKNOWLEDGED

Woohoo! It’s only taken a full week, but the three steps glitch has finally been acknowledged by somebody at Niantic. According to Hanke, they know about the glitch and are working on fixing it right now. Hopefully that means it will be gone in a few days. And until then, we’ll have to make do with Pokévision.

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This is the big one. This is what we’ve been waiting for since day 1. Hell yes, trading has finally been confirmed. It might not be coming just yet (Hanke noted that server stability was still the #1 priority), but it is coming soon. Just knowing that it hasn’t been forgotten, and that it ison its way, is good enough for now.

Pokémon Centers: CONFIRMED

This one is pretty neat. Basically, in a future update, people will be able to transform Pokéstops into Pokémon Centers. We’re not quite sure how it will work, or if the healing process will be free, but it’s a welcome addition to the game. When is it coming? As with the legendaries and trading, we’ll just have to wait and see.

trading confirmed

Overall, it was a pretty eventful panel. A whole bunch of new information was released, and since trading and legendary Pokémon have been confirmed, people are going to be sticking around and playing the game for a long while to come, which is awesome.

But what do you guys think? Was there something that you wish was announced but wasn’t? What do you think about what’s in store for the game? Let me know in the comments below!


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