The Latest Update Has KILLED Pokévision And Made It Almost Impossible To Play The Game

Pokemon GO update impossible track Pokemon

Players around the world woke up today to find that there was an update for Pokémon GO. And I’m willing to bet that most players thought this would be a good update. Like maybe they fixed the “three steps bug”? Or perhaps they improved the servers?

Nope. Sadly we got none of that. There were a few cool new features added (avatar customization, move balances, more efficient transferring, nest rotations, etc), but we also got a few downgrades as well (tracking is screwed, catching Pokémon gives us less EXP, and Pokévision is dead).

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But before I go into more detail and start bashing on Niantic for the screw-ups, let’s talk about the good stuff first:

Pokémon Moves Have Been Balanced

Before today, (yesterday, technically, since the re-balancing happened before the official update) the game was pretty broken. Some Pokémon were incredibly over-powered, while others were way weaker than they should have been. Lucky for us, the majority of the moves were altered, and the game is just a little bit more fair now. Read more about the re-balancing here.

Avatar Customization

It’s something that players have been requesting since the day the game was released, and now it’s finally here. To customize your avatar, simply head on over to your trainer card, click the button with the three horizontal lines, and click “customize”. Easy peasy.

pokemon go update tracking impossible

Pokémon Nests Have Changed

While this might seem like a bad thing if you were lucky enough to have a Dratini nest in your backyard, this is a good thing for everyone else. By rotating the Pokémon nests, variety is added to the game as it forces the player to get out there and try to find new Pokémon hotspots.

It’s Now MUCH Easier To Transfer Pokémon

This is a minor change, but it makes transferring Pokémon so much quicker. Instead of having to scroll all the way down when you select a Pokémon, simply press the button with the three horizontal lines and click “transfer”. Much, much more efficient.

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I’ll be the first to admit that these added features are good. Really good. Sadly, no matter how good these features are, the overall vibe of this update is negative thanks to the next few changes:

Tracking Is Gone

To be fair, nothing has really changed with this one. Before, the three steps bug made it impossible to track Pokémon. Now, with the total removal of any distance-from-Pokémon system, it’s just as hard to narrow it down. Still, it’s definitely a step in the wrong direction, and we’re hoping Niantic sort this one out ASAP.

Pokévision Is Dead

Oh, you thought you’d still be able to track Pokémon by using services like Pokévision or Pokénotify? Nope! Niantic has obviously done something fishy, because none of the alternative ways to track Pokémon are working. Pokévision even tweeted about it, saying that for now, they’re going to stop trying. C’mon Niantic, if you’re not going to fix your own damn game, at least let us use a service that works.

pokemon go update impossible track pokemon

The Nice/Great/Excellent Bonuses Have Been Removed

This makes literally no sense at all. In the past, we were able to get a bonus amount of exp based on how well we threw the Poké Ball. If you hit the target with a big circle, you got a “Nice” bonus of 10 EXP. Hit the target in the medium sized target, you got a “Great” bonus of 50 EXP. And if you hit the small target, you got a hefty 100 EXP as an “Excellent” bonus. What happens now when you land the ball inside the target? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

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Players are not happy about this update at all. Over on Reddit, people are straight up boycotting the in-game purchases until the tracking system is fixed. Considering the number of people playing the game, this isn’t likely to have much of an impact, but hey, it’s the thought that counts, right?

But what do you think about the latest update? Does the good outweigh the bad, or is this enough to make you quit the game and never look back? Let me know in the comments below!


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